About Tara

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Tara is a closeted kook living in Canada. She plays well with the normies but is a little out there, living with one foot planted in the material world and the other off dancing in her head. She spends her free time studying world religious practices and spiritual concepts (ancient and modern), playing video games, sewing, and watching animated movies and shows with her family.

As a fantasy writer, she has written more than six novels with several more currently in the works. She began her writing and artistic journey over two decades ago on the Elfwood online gallery and its Wyvern's Library. Her works became shaped by the decade she spent studying and working as an archaeologist as the gaps in known history are an excellent playground for the imagination. Myth, the divine, reincarnation, and the nature of memory have all become common themes in her works.

Her writings include all forms of fantasy from contemporary young adult to the cosmogenesis of different universes with complex cultures and adult themes. Her books may appeal to those who are romantic at heart and frequently look to the sky and gaps in our collective knowledge and wonder, "What if?"