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Lucina is looking forward to finishing her senior year and graduating in peace and obscurity but an anonymous birthday present now has her wary. Her best friend, Michael, is convinced it is a prank best forgotten but she cannot explain away the present's warning so easily. When the gorgeous Scot Bran transfers to her school, the other girls pine after him. Lucina is just desperate to be left alone, but soon Bran's presence becomes a permanent fixture in her life, one she cannot understand. Despite her intuition and mounting evidence that she should stay far away from him, Lucina finds she cannot live without him. He consumes her thoughts and she begins to lose her grasp on the person she was. With more strange men turning up and the stakes reaching life or death, Lucina must learn what is it about Bran that silences her logic and makes her want to become his forever.

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Every night, the people of Oculus take refuge in the cities as the stars fall from the sky to settle upon the fields. Those unfortunate enough to be caught outside the city walls either die excruciating deaths when touched by the lights or are found the next morning wandering and dazed. Not long after being found, those who survive the night die from a strange fever.

Veleno is a skilled soldier and adoptive son of Alvisio, the Head of the Royal Guard. He has never questioned the existence of the falling lights. Given the violent upbringing he received from his father, he has spent his days more concerned with avoiding Alvisio's anger. His only pleasure is daydreaming about the Jewel of Throne; a woman named Piera who is responsible for keeping the lights away from the city.

When he is assigned to Piera's guard, he learns there is a sinister truth behind the lights and the cities' protections from them. No longer a willing servant, Veleno must fight to survive and discovers he must defeat the man who most terrifies him if he ever hopes to save himself or those he loves.

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Courted Sanctuary

Courted Sanctuary

Luitgard is a High Priestess of the Mintharchs, a people who have spent nearly half of the thirteenth century hiding from the Roman Catholic Church. Under the protection of an ancient goddess, their home has had no contact with the outside world in that time but when a Dominican friar named Justin appears at their gates, Luitgard cannot figure out how he found them. She soon realizes that Justin is just as confused and just as worried.

They leave the village in search of answers while Luitgard's fellow High Priestess, Sieglinde, is left behind to take over the leadership she had never expected to hold. On their journey, Luitgard and Justin learn that they have much more in common than had been suspected and begin to rely upon each other in a way Luitgard has never before experienced. As Sieglinde tries to remain strong for her people she is left wishing for the quiet life she would have had with the warrior Humbert. As both Luitgard and Sieglinde learn their situations are much more dangerous than they had anticipated, they begin to question how real their divine protection ever was and learn that their best hope for survival is trusting not faceless gods but the mortals by their sides.

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Memory's Emissary, Book 3 of the Moirean Tapestry

Memory's Emissary Cover

Gryp has spent lifetimes looking for more Stones of Ezamal with no success. When Vanagandr orders him to climb through the ranks of the Wolves, he hopes they will finally be within reach. But when a strange woman appears on Dominans, everything he thinks he knows about angels, gods, and even Thinkers is turned upside down. As he is trying to make sense of these developments, Shinga returns, still determined to clear her name. Despite her intentions, her arrival divides the remaining races more significantly than ever before.

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The Monstrous Hunt

The Monstrous Hunt Cover

When Oliver finds himself bored at a Renaissance fair, he sees the woman of his dreams. Refusing to let her slip away without a fight, he impulsively follows her to York. Unfortunately, he witnesses a series of strange murders and his simple efforts to meet a girl are turned into the worst of nightmares.

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The Whispering War, Book 2 of the Moirean Tapestry

The Whispering War Cover

The Thinkers have survived millions of years trapped in physical vessels. They lived in peace. They thought they were completely alone as they tried to regain the abilities that would give them freedom. When people begin to go missing, Lapidus and others learn that their most basic assumption has been wrong. With the threat of destruction by wrathful gods, the Thinkers must find a way to survive. However, it is the war between Ashyina and Shinga that will tear their society apart.

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Devil's Sacrifice (Short Story)

Devil's Sacrifice Cover

When a stranger seeks refuge from a blizzard in a tiny tavern, the locals share with him the story of how they came to be plagued by eternal winter.

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Gods' Masks, Book 1 of the Moirean Tapestry

Gods' Masks Cover

When an ancient prophecy resurfaces and is misinterpreted, Altruvia, the heiress to a utopian society of a race of godlike beings, is ripped from her home. Along with her twin brother, they discover that the political intrigues of their time have roots in events dating back possibly as far as the creation of our own universe.

4.5 Stars from Hampton Reviews

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Shauna's Inheritance (Short Story)

Shauna's Inheritance Cover

In the final hours of her mother's life, Shauna learns of the guilt and horror her mother has carried in secret since her birth.

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If you are interested in which projects are in the works and want a peek at what they are about, read on. They are listed in the order of when they were started and do not reflect when they will be completed or released. Release dates are given where known.

Slavery of Heroes, Book 4 of the Moirean Tapestry

Test chapter, outline, research, and first draft completed

Lapidus has spent lifetimes travelling the Earth and exploring the cultures that have emerged since the Thinkers left. Throughout his journey, he has felt uneasy. The memories that had been brought back to him by Ashyina have sat uneasily in his mind since Altruvia and Graiylin brought out the truth. When he arrives in a village on the shores of Lake Baikal, a shaman sees more of him than Lapidus thought was possible for one of the Children. The shaman vows to help Lapidus regain his memories. As those memories return, Lapidus becomes increasingly confused by flashes of events he has never witnessed. He knows these new memories are not his. Worse yet, they show that his new friends Altruvia and Graiylin might be in danger. These visions lead him away from Baikal and back west where he comes face to face with Lilith. Has he learned the ultimate truth or been lured into a trap?

Style/Genre/Time Period: This will continue in the same style as the rest of The Moirean Tapestry. It will contain mostly fantasy and almost no science fiction. The time period will be approximately 4,000 years ago. The locations will be Siberia, Egypt and Turkey.

Estimated Release Date: Fall/Winter 2015

Fire Dancer

Test chapter, outline, and research completed

Lorian is a member of a sisterhood in a volcanic world. She and the other Fire Dancers work their magic to guide the flows away from inhabited lands. When Fire Dancers start dying, Lorian begins a search for answers. On her journey, the flows become more volatile and her attempt to save a man named Rogen almost gets her killed. As she tries to figure out her mistakes, she comes to learn that not everyone wants to be saved. Some want to bring an end to the Fire Dancers.

Style/Genre/Time Period: Third person telling from the perspective of only one main character. It will be fantasy and romance. The setting and time period are entirely fictional.

Estimated Release Date: TBA

The Lying Forest, Book 2 of Oculus

Outline and Test Chapter Completed

As Hart and Piera head north on their way home, they soon realize their journey will not be an easy one. The northern forests are a mysterious place; physically dangerous due to the mists and bogs and, according to those they meet, far more dangerous due to one particular inhabitant. Hart and Piera's hopes of quickly passing through vanish as they are pulled into local politics and soon find themselves indebted to a man they do not trust.

Style/Genre/Time Period: First person telling from the perspective of Hart/Valeno. Continuing in the same fantasy style as Oculus but exploring a different culture in this world. The setting and time period are entirely fictional.

Estimated Release Date: TBA

The Art of the Moirean Tapestry

Outline completed

This project will likely be completed over several years and not released until the last of The Moirean Tapestry books is available. It will be an artbook containing character and location designs with additional information.

Style/Genre/Time Period: Picture book for fans that will contain content from every book in The Moirean Tapestry series.

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