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Coveted Giveaway

The Coveted giveaways are now closed. Congratulations to Marianne R., who won the beautiful silver necklace made by Betty McKim. Marianne's entry was a song called Piera's Lament. Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you all had fun and keep reading!

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Winning Entry: Piera's Lament

How am I free
If I can't go walking in the garden
How am I free
If I can't turn my face to the sun
How am I free
If my meals come to me on a tray on the floor
How am I free
There's a key in my door

When will someone come to
Save me from this prison
Is there anyone who can
I've been waiting lifetimes
Hoping for my moment
Listening for the key to turn...

When will the lights grow dim
and the danger fade
How do we dig out
from under the mess we made
Days and weeks and months and years
Holding lies together with everyone's tears.

When will the truth escape and set me free.

They say that I can save them
but they don't explain why
They say that I'm the one
but then they lock me in my tower
and I Watch the sky Watch the sky.

Standing at my window
I can see the lights gather below
There will come a day
when my truth will be discovered I know
So for now I stand and wait
I stand and wait

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